Saturday, December 27, 2014


In the previous election cycle, I had one or more imposters running around the internet claiming to be me, saying things like "slavery is great read why at the IronKnuckle blog."  I found out when they linked to my blog in an online chatroom and I was able to see the log. 

Then administrators at "a certain website," no names mentioned, banned someone and claimed they were banning me.  No, don't believe everything you read.  If I had re-registered, I would have used my own avatar because it's leaps and bounds prettier than most other avatars on the internet. 

My favorite story is probably the NeoGAF co-admin who claimed I was Hitler.  I support Israel, unlike Barack Obama and John Kerry.  And considering that the NeoGAF admins have banned thousands of people, they certainly have more in common with Hitler than I do. 

Then there's the NeoGAF admin who had a sex change.  Just google it.  I don't need to talk about it here.