Thursday, February 5, 2015

Now Having Said that, on Christie...

The media is angry at Christie today because a county prosecutor (Barlyn), fired, alleges that Christie or Christie's administration fired him on political grounds.  I am well read on the specifics of this case, and I can tell you this is up and away one of the most frivolous accusations imaginable.

I would guess that the prosecutor was fired because he filed a frivolous 43-count indictment against a local sheriff (Trout) and two deputies.  Trout was accused of hiring a staff member and issuing credentials without performing a background check.  As if.

In fact, it is a governor's and an attorney general's responsibility to safeguard citizens from frivolous criminal charges.  Christie's actions here were correct, admirable, possibly even heroic. 

The fact that Trout is supposedly a Christie supporter is not relevant.

A 43-count indictment should be filed against international drug traffickers, lifelong criminals, or persons who have committed horrific crimes.  Allegedly hiring someone without a background check is not a serious offense.  It may well be illegal.  But Barlyn's judgment was horrendous and it would have been a mistake for Christie's administration to leave such a person in office.  Barlyn's goal was probably to use the 43 counts to secure a plea offer and assume to himself credit for putting an elected official in prison for a very long time. 

Barlyn lost his job.  He had his day in the news.  This is not someone whom you should feel sorry for.