Monday, August 31, 2015

Black Crimes Matter

For FBI statistics, a final report isn't yet available for 2014, so I'll use 2013.  The FBI has data for 14,132 homicides.  As you can see from that URL, 5,375 offenders were African-American and 4,396 were white (more than 4,000 were unknown).  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 13.2% of Americans are black and 77.7% were white in 2013.  It is a statistical megaton that there are 5.8 times as many whites, yet whites commit fewer homicides overall.

Another table, Table 6, offers data for situations where both the offender's and victim's race were known.  Long story short, 409 black offenders killed whites, while only 189 whites killed blacks.  So that myth going around NeoGAF that "whites killed more blacks" is nonsense.  And I believe even the smaller figure includes "justifiable" homicides, i.e. law enforcement.

Here is some simple algebra.
White offenders:  4,396 ÷ 77.7 = 56.6 homicides per basis point.
Black offenders:  5,375 ÷ 13.2 = 407.2 homicides per basis point.

Divide the two, 407.2 by 56.6, and you'll learn there are 7.19 times as many homicides per African-American in this country than per white.  If politicians had a desperate need to take guns away from one segment of the population, I think this tells you where to look.

There are liberals at NeoGAF who would prefer to have lunch with the accused shooter in Texas than have lunch with Hulk Hogan.  I am, right now, watching Fox News showing the video of the "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" march in Minnesota.  Does anybody seriously think that isn't inciting violence?

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