Monday, August 31, 2015

Latest Post - August

This month, I posted the only interactive Republican primary map on the internet.  That is, this is the only map on the internet where you can click on a state and change the winner of that state - and have the delegate totals recalculated.  Other websites have, or will have, delegate counters but those are not interactive.

There are six finalist candidates, and you can change those finalists if you think another candidate belongs there.  For instance, I have been switching between Rubio and Carson.  The states themselves were traced using a map.  This was a lot of effort, actually.  The order of the six finalists (left to right) also determines how delegates will be allocated to runner-ups.  That means if you award a state to Bush, but Trump and Walker are the leftmost finalists, then Bush will gain the most delegates from that state, followed next by Trump and Walker.  The #5 and #6 candidates (on the right) would, generally, only pick up delegates if they're awarded a state.

The table at the bottom is arranged in order of voting.  So Iowa is listed first, New Hampshire second, and so on.  Each candidate has two columns.  The left column represents pledged delegates, while the right column represents unpledged delegates, who are generally elected officials and party leaders.

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