Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Re: Mother who fled Syria with five children

Since the father was killed as an ISIS fighter, I have reason to doubt these kids' loyalties.  How do you know they won't try to avenge their father in 5-10 years with the help of pressure cookers? 

About the mother:  Are we supposed to believe the mother didn't know what ISIS was before she left?  Or that she somehow deserves better because ISIS didn't live up to her expectations?  Because they're losing?

She and the five children gave material support to terrorism.  This isn't like a French family returning to France during the Napoleon era and providing support to the French army.  Most armies follow laws.  This is ISIS.  They don't follow laws.  They're mass murderers.  They post beheading videos and write LOL when they're done.

What's more - there are too many people willing to take sob stories like this at their word.  You would think in the internet age that people would learn to take news on the internet at a grain of salt.  Upon thorough investigation, we may learn any of the following:
  • She may have wired money to ISIS.
  • She may have posted things like "death to Britain" etc on the internet.
  • Her kids may have shot someone while in Syria.
  • Even if they were innocent before, her kids may like the idea of terrorism.
  • The mother or the kids may have been cheering in one of these execution videos. 
If the mother were an American, a grand jury should weigh charges of treason and providing material support to terrorism, et al.   

We should find out exactly what the five supposedly innocent children did during their time in Syria before making any decisions on them. 

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