Thursday, January 1, 2015

Antonio Martin

As I discussed in my previous post, blacks committed 52% of the homicides in the United States while making up just 12% of the population.

Who is Antonio Martin?  Armed robbery.  Three counts of assault.  Unlawful use of a weapon.  He was even expelled from school.  And that was before he pointed a gun at a police officer in Berkeley.  Today, these people have barely stopped short of asking for high schools to be named after Antonio Martin.  And while the press coverage isn't quite as one-sided as the Michael Brown case, it's still lacking in context.

I couldn't make up a story like this if I wanted to; the depths that these "civil rights" or "black lives matter" protesters have gone to is simply incredible.

And anyone who knows me would understand that I would rather spend every blog post talking about the evils of homosexuality and how this is opposed by God.  So the fact that I'm talking about Antonio Martin here means something.

The media is sending a message to blacks that if you want to be become a civil rights hero, go point a gun at a police officer and get shot.