Sunday, January 11, 2015

IronKnuckle on Politics

Mitt Romney is talking about running for President.  The liberal media never hesitated to remind you - again and again and again - that Mitt Romney is a mormon candidate and the mormons have a history of polygamy.  Here's something you didn't know.  President Obama's father was asked to leave Harvard because the university discovered he was trying to marry a second wife without even divorcing the first one (he had two wives at the same time, and later married a third). 

President Obama has proposed free community college to all Americans.  He says this would cost $60 billion over 10 years.  Well, using Politico's own figures, I calculated a cost of $20 billion a year, or $200 billion over 10 years.  It's hysterically expensive.  In addition, higher education is notorious for inflationary spending.  They never cut budgets.  They never stop building new buildings.  They never cut prices. 

The "Torture Memo" story is being pushed by a nonprofit organization, Human Rights Watch.  Human Rights Watch is being sponsored by a $100 million, 10-year donation from George Soros, a prominent liberal supporter and critic of Israel.  Its director, Kenneth Roth, pays himself $520,000 a year to talk about the importance of ending poverty.  I'm not sure that he understands what the words "not for profit" mean.  Human Rights Watch has been criticized by its own founder for losing context in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

President Obama is under no obligation of any kind - in spite of media complaints - to attend an outdoors "unity rally" in a showing of solidarity with the French people.  This is a photo op.  And it's absolutely embarrassing to have Mahmoud Abbas from the Palestinian Authority at an anti-terrorism event in Paris. 

In Sweden, muslim gangs have taken control of between 55 to 186 "no-go" zones where Swedish police dare not tread for threat of violence.  Organized crime is taking hold in these areas.  Police were recently chasing a suspect into one of the no-go areas.  Their car was rammed by muslims and a gang of up to 50 muslims surrounded the police.  They were forced to leave.  In 2013, muslims rioted and burned hundreds of cars, even buildings.  These no-go zones tend to be minority zones in larger cities. 

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