Wednesday, January 14, 2015

IronKnuckle on Politics Pt.2

J.K. Rowling is the latest in a series of opportunists who aim to paint themselves as "above the fray" by saying nice things about muslims after Islamic extremists shoot up a magazine.  Last month, it was the Australians.  After a radical muslim held hostages at a Sydney cafĂ© and eventually killed people, liberals started a hashtag #illridewithyou.  Why didn't they start a hashtag "don't come to our country and take hostages."  The bad guy here is the radical extremist, not Rupert Murdoch.

It's remarkable that Angela Merkel, a German, would have so much in common with Neville Chamberlain, who caved against the Germans before World War II.  As anti-muslim protests sweep her own country, she insists vainly that these protesters harbor hatred in their hearts.  As if.  This is a week after 3 muslims shot up a magazine in Paris.  These protesters are not committing acts of violence.  They are protesting against immigrants who are prone to committing acts of violence while contributing nothing to society.  The same day as the attack, I predicted on this blog that Merkel would say something like this. 

MSNBC is complaining about the Republican position on immigration.  With 6.9 million fewer people in the workforce, you would think the liberals would take a breather and consider the fallacy of their immigration position.  Another half million Mexican immigrants will not help find jobs for those 6.9 million people.  What's more, there's a war going on in Mexico.  Dozens of school children were kidnapped and are presumed dead. 

And then there's Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.  Zuckerberg is a huge supporter of legalized immigration in the name of high-tech jobs.  If he needs technical expertise, one sure-fire way to find it is for Facebook to pay top-grade for technical talent.  I have my own theory on Zuckerberg though.  He seems to believe a myth that Harvard graduates are overwhelmingly more intelligent than everyone else.  They may have smarter people than a lot of schools.  But they also have a lot more money.  I worry that Zuckerberg's "pro-immigration" moves have more to do with protecting the myth of his own exceptionalism than in bringing talent to Facebook.

Atlanta's fire department chief, Kevin Cochran, has been fired for publishing a book that denounces homosexual behavior as immoral.  Atlanta's mayor, Kasim Reed, claims the reason for the termination is the fire chief didn't "seek approval" from city hall before writing the book.  This is 21st century America and the fact is that you do not need approval from Atlanta's city hall to exercise your first amendment right to free speech.  Between the fire chief and his LGBT opponents, only the dismissed fire chief has a realistic chance of setting foot in heaven.