Saturday, January 3, 2015

Liberals Lose Senate, Ask for Tissue

So the Democrats lost the Senate and now NeoGAF has decided that "democracy just doesn't work" and the "founding fathers ****ed up."  The thread goes on to discuss meritocracy, the idea that intelligent people should prescribe what is best, without realizing that the Democratic Party is largely supported by blacks and hispanics, the two demographic groups with the highest high school and college dropout rates.  You can't have affirmative action in a meritocracy.

Update Jan 24th for context:  "Read that guy's post about minorities and liberals."  It's not my post, it's your post.  NeoGAF had a thread about meritocracy.  I'm saying you can't support a meritocracy and have college dropouts voting at the same time. 

Besides, in a meritocracy, anyone who supports the discredited theory that humans evolved from monkeys should be barred from voting. 

The thread continues with a poster saying that making a cash contribution to a political campaign should be punishable by death.  So evidently they don't support the Bill of Rights either.

Another poster reiterated the myth that both political parties are sponsored by Goldman Sachs.  According to OpenSecrets, Goldman Sachs was involved with just $4 million in donations in the 2014 election cycle (and while not even, the breakdown of donations was unremarkable).  CNN noted that Goldman Sachs was the biggest contributor to Obama in 2008, but these numbers are not convincing. 

They claim that Sweden and Switzerland must have better democracies, since crime is lower.  There is a simpler explanation.  In 2013, the FBI reported that 52.4% of the homicides of the United States were committed by a minority group making up just 12% of the population.

Also, are they ignoring the news stories about the muslim migrants fighting with Swedish police?

Another poster claims that democracy would work better if every politician were a scientist.  Wrong, since it is unlikely that you can find many "scientists" at NeoGAF who will admit publicly that global winter-time temperatures have been falling over the past 20 years.

One poster redeems the thread by saying, "That explains why the United States has been so unsuccessful over the last two hundred and forty years... wait..."