Saturday, January 17, 2015

Washington Post Decries Obama Position on Iran

The Washington Post had a compelling argument this morning, saying that Obama's reluctance to add sanctions against Iran makes little sense.  Obama has said he would veto any sanctions were passed by the Congress.  These sanctions are being pushed, of all people, by Menendez.  The Washington Post notes that one of its own contributors is currently being held without legal counsel in Iran, for 170+ days now.  Thus, the Iranians do not hesitate to use "a human pawn" as a negotiating peace.

Obama has been a horrific negotiator on all matters foreign policy.  He traded 3 Cuban spies, including murderers, for one US prisoner.  He traded five terrorists for one US soldier.  And his position on Guantanamo Bay would have the effect of letting terrorists out of prison with less years logged than criminals who committed similar crimes (i.e. murderers) in the United States.

What does Obama think these Guantanamo Bay terrorists plan to do if they make it back to their home countries?  Sell brownies?  Open an auto repair shop?  Become electricians?  Wikipedia has a full article full of Guantanamo Bay terrorists who were released, who went straight back to the battle field. 

Obama admitted there was less than a 50/50 chance of a nuclear deal with Iran.  The sanctions proposed by Congress would only kick in if Iran failed to accept an agreement by the June 30th deadline in the talks.  Iran, in the meantime, has started work on two new reactors.  The State Department responded by making excuses for Iran, saying those projects are not barred by UN resolutions.  As if. 

Mind you that the Washington Post is basically a Democratic Party newspaper and Menendez is a Democratic Senator.