Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Liberal Media Whitewashes Today's Attacks

The New York Times has a very respectable piece on today's attack in Paris, while CNN and MSNBC avoid the terms "muslim" and "islam" to the point that you would learn nothing from reading these pieces.  Similarly, the ABC piece is useless.  CBS, however, got it right.  The BBC does not use the word "islam" until the 5th paragraph and you would think from some of these headlines that this was a random police case.

My predictions in how the liberals will get this wrong:

- World leaders such as Angela Merkel will call for calm.  In other words, ignorance.

- "Human Rights Watch" and other phony human rights organizations will label anyone who calls for the end of muslim immigration to the west a "hate group."

- NeoGAF atheist types will have posters comparing the shooters to religious Christians.

- The media will print any muslim group that calls itself a religion of peace and condemns the terror attacks. 

Mind you that Rolling Stone featured one of the boston muslim terrorists in fashion recently.

This should not be treated as another opportunity to give the microphone to these people.