Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Thoughts on Debate

I have said that I am willing to debate any liberal but I imagine I am more likely to debate a NeoGAF liberal than an SA liberal.  I'll discuss why in a moment (I would still debate an SA liberal, but the intial response is not promising).  I am sure there are competent American liberals somewhere on, but I have yet to hear from any. 

My suggested topics:

1.  Foreign Policy

2.  Islamization of Europe

3.  Media Bias or Accuracy

4.  Financial Crisis of 2008

5.  Economy

6.  The Federal Deficit

7.  Taxes

8.  The Role of the Federal Government

9.  Free Speech or the Limits Thereof

10.  Immigration Policy

One NeoGAF member suggested a podcast format, format that I'm not currently familiar with.  I would also need a moderator. 

There is a disparity in the responses from the two websites.  NeoGAF's topics actually discuss politics whereas SA's topics tend to be a litany of complaints and jokes that stopped being funny to anyone who reached a fifth grade education.